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    Stress Free Visioning Workshops

    Co-create your story in motion

    Co-Create Your Story in Motion

    Stress free visioning workshops.


    Why create a workshop?

    Consider that humans are 70% water. Our thoughts are like ribbons, strands, bands of light energy, ebbing and flowing — a matrix, a tapestry, current from our DNA. Thoughts are conscious and unconscious broadcasters, outrageous trespassers at times, that we feel in our bodies. The workshops are designed to empower you to consciously change your thinking. Encouraging active creation of our lives, rather than statically moving from home to work and back again on autopilot. Through these workshops, people are encouraged to be in service to others with thoughtful and heartfelt actions, leading to an altruistic lifestyle changing Me-My-Mine-I into We, empowering attendees to look beyond themselves.

    Ultimately, the workshops empower personal growth and development. This tender work requires you to become more conscious of your thought processes and the implications of the fact that you are sending and receiving vibrations in every moment. We are energy, and through these workshops, you will begin to consider the nature of that energy and what that means for those who receive your energy, and the energy you receive from others in return.

    Visioning Workshops

    What environment and experience
    is this workshop creating?

    The environment is crucial to the success of the workshop, as one opens to inquiry and exercises that uncover hidden influences such as anxiety, fear, entitlement and self-sabotage.

    This workshop promises to create an environment and experience that is safe and self-guided to explore aspects of oneself that create a vision of life purpose on the Spiritual Path.

    The workshop will safely move people into self-care, gently, lovingly and tenderly, with self-compassion and forgiveness.

    Outcomes and Promises

    Through the workshop, participants will:

    • Determine their Dominant Energy.
    • Learn how to use Oracle Cards as a means to staying Present – in NOW time.
    • See their Stories in Motion.
    • Be introduced to “The Thought Model.”
    • Create a vision of themselves aligned with their heart and soul, having learned to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
    • Be introduced to Universal Law and the role it plays on their consciousness.
    • Learn self-care practices.
    • Connect with like-minded people.

    The Treasure Chest

    The workshops are conducted at Ebb and Flow Yoga Studio. Plan a party!

    During the workshop, participants will be involved in the following.

    Exercises and Home Play

    Dominant Energy Inquiry
    Thought Model Work


    Create a Vision Board.


    Oracle Cards


    Sharing Wisdom


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