Certified Yoga Instructor, Astrology and Oracle Guide

Nancy Drope is a movement specialist who advocates for optimal wellness with her family, friends, and clientele. Her career in physical movement began with her degree in Physical and Health Education at the University of New Brunswick where she was a varsity athlete. Her passion for movement led her to yoga where she discovered the full circle she had been searching for. The connection of mind, body, and spirit through her new way of being, in full self-expression, of conscious choice in movement and meditation empowered her to realize the importance of sharing her light.

Nancy has since fallen in love with empowering others to respect and honour their mind, body and spirit through movement, mobility, meditation and drawing daily oracle cards. Her passion is rooted in her ageless attitude and living her own life with intention and self-compassion.

Nancy is a certified yoga instructor in Hatha, Power Vinyasa, and Yoga Tune Up®, meditation and most recently a certified oracle card Guide! All of which she leads at Ebb and Flow, her home studio. The testimonials illustrate that her clients begin to live a more conscious life of less pain, improved posture and performance in simple everyday tasks with peace of mind.

Nancy is the mother of four beautiful children who inspire her to be a better person and mother every day. Her wish for you is to acknowledge where you are in your “Wellness Practice” and explore new possibilities by joining her in a class or workshop.

Life As A Story In Motion

Meditation is Your Medication

Our lives are a Story in Motion. What does that mean, you may ask? To Nancy, it means that we all have a choice in how we live, and what guides us. This belief has shaped Nancy’s life.

This belief allows us to truly take responsibility for our choices, pay attention, and focus more clearly on devoting time to evolving a Unique Authentic Inspired Life. We must give ourselves permission to be vulnerable, imperfect, brave, courageous, fierce, kind, gentle, tender, excited, goofy while having fun, making mistakes and being at peace with What Is.

When we learn to accept ourselves, others, and situations for who or what they are and who or what they are not, always for the greater good, our choice, ultimately, comes down to choosing who to belong to within boundaries. In this choice, we must choose to belong to ourselves.

By taking responsibility for our actions with self-love and compassion, regardless of the outcome, we will find quiet and peace in our body, mind, and spirit. Nancy has learned to belong to Nancy. It is important to see the borders of where we, ourselves, end and others begin. Even when alone, we are connected by Love and Human Spirit. We are Loved and Connected without being needed. It is this choice that Nancy is most passionate about empowering her clients to choose to create their lives with a deeper understanding of who they really are.

Nancy’s Certifications

BPE BED University of New Brunswick 81′ 83′ | Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher – Yoga by Sarah 2012 | Baptiste Level’s 1, 2 – 2012 | Baptiste Level 3 – 2013 | Certified Power Yoga Canada 2013 | Baptiste Art of Assisting 2013 | Integrated Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher 2013 | Yoga Nidra – Glen Black 2014 | Certified Meditation Facilitator “Towards Stillness” – Tony Murdock 2015 | Meditation Certificate – Aquin Yoga 2016 -Elemental Yin/Yang Yoga 2017 | Certified Oracle Guide June 2018

Connect With Nancy

If you have any questions or would like to connect with Nancy, email nancydrope@gmail.com. You can also find Nancy on Instagram – @nancydrope