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Yoga as a vehicle for movement, mobility and meditation.

Niagara based yoga instructor and practitioner, Nancy Drope.



Nancy Drope is a movement specialist who advocates for optimal wellness with her students and private clients. Her career in physical movement commenced with her degree in Physical and Health Education at the University of New Brunswick where she was a varsity athlete. Her passion for movement led her to yoga where she discovered the full circle she had been searching for. The connection of mind and body, with the expression of self through controlled movement and meditation had her hooked.

Certified in Hatha, Power Vinyasa and Yoga Tune Up®, Nancy has become an advocate for “Practice” and has fallen in love with leading people to respect and honour their mind and body through movement, mobility and meditation. Her contagious passion is rooted in her = ageless attitude, living her own life  with intention and self-compassion. The results allow people to live a life of less pain, improved posture and enhanced performance in simple everyday tasks as well as their extra-curricular activities .

Nancy is a mother of four beautiful children who inspire her to be a better person and mother everyday. Her wish for you is to acknowledge where you are in your Wellness “Practice” and  explore new possibility by Joining her in a class or workshop.

~  Ebb and Flow Studio now Open!

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BPE BED University of New Brunswick 81′ 83′ | Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher – Yoga by Sarah 2012 | Baptiste Level’s 1, 2 – 2012 | Baptiste Level 3 – 2013 | Certified Power Yoga Canada 2013 | Baptiste Art of Assisting 2013 |  Integrated Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher 2013 | Yoga Nidra – Glen Black 2014 | Certified Meditation Facilitator “Towards Stillness” – Tony Murdock 2015 |Meditation Certificate – Aquin Yoga 2016 -Elemental Yin/Yang Yoga 2017

Life Long Learner ?


A form of Yoga “Therapy” who’s format is built around the 3 P’s: pain, posture and performance. Yoga TuneUp® will identify and target areas on your body that are overused, underused or misused.


Hatha Yoga is a style that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.

Power Vinyasa Yoga, is a style of yoga connecting one pose to the next with breath creating the opportunity for movement as a meditation.


Private classes are available at Ebb & Flow in Queenston.
Group classes are also available, with a maximum of 8 people

Current Class Schedule

6:00 am
8:00 am
9:30 am
11:30 am
1:00 pm
4:30 pm
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  • Thank you for the great workshop on the weekend. It was really well done and I learned some new tricks. You taught me a few new techniques for shoulders and neck that I will definitely be adding to my routine. The workshop was very well organized. We covered a lot but it did not feel rushed. Your instructions and demonstrations were clear and it felt like we had enough time to try out the different exercises. The two hours seemed to pass very quickly. It was great to have all the different size balls to try.  I think I might need to buy some of the medium sized balls now! The class size was good too. It was not too crowded and worked okay in the small room. Well done, and thanks again.

    Nancy Neuenhagen Physiotherapist, Niagara Children’s Center
  • I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the wonderful workshop you presented in Oshawa yesterday. I came away from your workshop equipped with an extensive set of tools to better access and release deep muscle tension using the tune up balls. This is excellent information as we live in such as stressful society. I'm truly looking forward to using this information in my own personal practice as well as with my students. The course was well organized and presented in an easy to follow format. I was left feeling totally relaxed as if I'd had a deep tissue massage. Again thank you.

  • I wanted to take the time to email you and say thank you for the wonderful workshop that you taught yesterday at White Oaks.  I felt wonderful today!  I thought your class was very well done 10/10!  It was very professional that you arrived before the class started, you were set up and ready to go.  Your handout was perfect it provided us with a sneak peek of what is being planned for the future along with your contact information. I enjoyed being able to look at your hand out last night and then again today to refresh my memory. I was pleased with the description that you provided as to why we were doing the exercise that we were doing and which muscles were being targeted.  I especially enjoyed the words that you read at the end of class on "being ready".

    I look forward to attending your future classes and workshops.

    Amie Banting
  • Nancy's Yoga Tune Up workshop is like unwrapping a highly desired gift.

    I can tangibly feel a transformation in my body and spirit during this invaluable session. The Yoga Tune Up therapy balls help to release tight muscles, they alleviate pain from past injuries; and aid in strengthening my desire to be more mindful in each moment.

    Anneliese Jaeger Friesen
  • I have been exercising in various capacities (gym, running, crossfit, kick boxing) for over two decades. I always thought I did a decent job stretching out before and after my workouts. When Nancy came into our crossfit environment, I experienced what real stretching was, and was taught why it was necessary.  The tools, knowledge and coaching she provides are essential if you want to continue to maximize your fitness potential and keep your muscles pliable. I would highly recommend her sessions and look forward to Nancy's next visit to Crossfit Reva.

    Kim RossiOneFoundation for Niagara Health System
  • Meditation has become such a beneficial addition to my life. Nancy creates an inclusive and welcoming environment that allows anyone who attends to feel as though they have succeeded in their practice. Her classes are educational and progressive, and as a result, I have been able to take what I have learned in class and apply it daily. I leave each session, more grounded, mindful, and motivated to continue practising.

    Elyse Lappano